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My Deepest Secret - A Joshifer One-shot


Hey guys! A while ago, there were discussions about Jen and Josh’s curious behavior during the Unscripted interview, and this, along with an interesting answer from Josh to a question about kissing Jennifer, is what inspired this one-shot.

It’s NOT related to the “I Loved You All Along” universe.



(Gifs aren’t mine)


  • Although this is a Joshifer fic, and if you know anything about me, they will ALWAYS be endgame to me in one way or another, Claudia is involved in this fic. But she only makes a few appearances, there’s nothing explicitly described (you know what I mean…), and if you bear with me until the end, there is a nice surprise!
  • This is rated M/NC-17.
  • This is pure FICTION. I don’t know ANY of these people. Anything that’s not known fact comes straight from my head.

I hope you’ll enjoy it,

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if your first or last name begin with an ‘I’ and ‘Y’ you are the luckiest person. Imagine a joshifer threesome mmMmmm
Songs to sing to Josh Hutcherson….
I wanna sex you up

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Hands-On (Joshifer One-Shot)


I can feel the sand grinding between my teeth as Josh shoves me on the beach, sending me stumbling towards the water line as my feet try to catch up. Our arms are locked together as we battle for strength and dominance, and neither one of us will balk. 

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Can someone pls send me the link to the catching behind the scenes video?

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